Wednesday, November 30, 2011

British Humour

I forgot to tell you earlier about the bus driver we had in London. He was driving the shuttle bus, taking us from our hotel to the airport. As we arrived on the grounds of Heathrow, we heard:

"Ladies and gentlemen, out the windows to the left, you will notice what appears to be an enormous mound of earth. It is not simply a mound of earth; we are building our own volcano. When it is finished we are going to blast it and send all the ash to Iceland. We shall find out how they like it."

Then, when we came to the first stop: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Terminal 2. For those of you who don't speak English, this is Terminal 2 - por favor."


Spinneretta said...

We do have a rather dry sense of humour ;) I find it often goes a little misunderstood over here- or people suddenly BURST out laughing as though I said the wittiest thing, when I just make a comment! ;)