Thursday, November 10, 2011


Wednesday, 09 November

It’s so magnanimous, isn’t it, for the ruling political party to decide to share power with the minority party? So bi-partisan, so patriotic.

Or is it? When you merge a nation’s two (or three) major political parties, viz., the only ones that much matter, you get

(1) a government no one elected – and no one likes

(2) no opposition left in Parliament

Of course, the so-called opposition was only that, only so-called to begin with, but that was at least something. Now there’s nobody in government left to point out the other side of any argument, to suggest a possibly better plan, to challenge the leaders, to say, “Wait just a doggone minute!”

Well, okay, there are the Communists. The Communists are actually speaking for the people just now, and they’re the only ones. How’s that for a jolly mess?

This will be the status of Greece if the politicians succeed in forming a joint government, which as of this moment they haven’t.

It they do, the scarier question for the Greeks is, What Next?