Saturday, April 12, 2008

Amazing Rescue of Nearly 200 Horses

This video has been around for a while. Never mind; if it doesn't bring you close to tears, you'd better go to the Heart Doctor for a spiritual check-up!

Here were between 100 and 200 horses, caught in a flood, stranded on a tiny island.

Some 18 had already died from exhaustion, exposure, and drowning. Four brave young women had the idea to ride out to the island and see if the horses would follow their own horses and swim to safety. And they did. But would they all make it safely?

It reminds me of what God in Christ did for us. At great peril and cost to Himself, Christ came to where we were, in hell, to lead all the captives out of there and lead us to the land of the living and reclaim us for His own. Watch and be amazed. Watch and be inspired. Watch and weep for joy! Be sure to have your speakers on!

Check out this video: Horse Rescue Netherlands

P.S. And while you're at it, check out this video of an elephant painting a self-portrait (really!) Hat tips to Pastors Randy Asburry and Larry Beane.



Unknown said...

Your post seems to be interesting..:)
It would be great to educate people and explain that breeding isn't for everyone. Because of the excessive amounts of breeding 93% of the 100,000
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