Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Click if you want to enlarge (You should, in my opinion, the better to appreciate Kelly's beauty.)

Bear with me; a proud grandma can't resist posting pictures like these. Here are three of my adorable grandchildren, gorgeous Kelly as Giselle and her twin brothers as Spiderman. Neither could be persuaded to dress as some other superhero. Katherine (she of the brave tale below) informs us that she can't tell, either, which boy is Ryan and which is Connor.

Kelly, who is about to turn 7, says this is her last year as a princess. She's more into Hannah Montana now.

Little Sydney, 3, (who left me a very garbled voice message last night, something about voting for Obama) was Cinderella, and I'll post her photo as soon as I get one! Her mother wanted her to be an elephant (!) but Sydney wouldn't have it.


Elizabeth said...

They look wonderful !
Glad you all had a good time :-)