Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Boys are Barely Four

Note from Katherine, my dear daughter-in-law:

Hello All!

Okay, anyone who knows Kelly well should really appreciate the attached picture! From the moment they were born, Kelly has always been ( and always will be I suspect), the kind of big sister every brother should have. She not only has fun with her brothers, but acts as a little mother figure as well. She is normally very patient with them and doesn't mind them invading her space. Well, play dates with her girlfriends have become an exception. She has very nicely explained to them that when her friends come over it is "girl" time only. As you can imagine, the boys often want to get in on the fun. So, Kelly posted the attached sign on her door ( she posts many signs and pictures and poems). This one, she said, will only be posted during play dates. What a shame her brothers can't read it!

And here are some recent pictures of them when they went to pick out a Christmas tree.





DebD said...

LOL- we have some of those signs at our home too.