Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bubble Bath

I have an extra-deep tub I thoroughly enjoy. My usual procedure is to run about 4 inches of pure hot water in it, wait 10 minues so the tub itself is heated from that hot water, and then fill the rest of the tub to whatever temperature seems desirable.

This morning, I had just completed the first step and had gone to shoo the old cat off the bed when she decided there was no way I was going to get rid of her. She's a calico, and Barbara used to tell me calicos come with a lot of cattitude. Narrowing her green eyes, Molly glared at me, then shot straight into the bathroom, over the edge of the tub, and smack into the water.

And of course, straight out again, steaming, covered in bubbles, and lavender-scented.

I'm sorry, Molly; I know cats hate above all things being laughed at; I know the indignity wounds the feline soul, but the priceless look on your face -- okay, okay, I said I'm SORRY! Sorry you, um, landed in hot water ... no, really, I am sorry.

Hint from Helen: Children's bubble bath costs less than half the same amount of bubble bath sold for women. Sometimes you can even find fragrances other than strawberry, banana, or bubble gum. Plus, it's tear-free if you get any in your eyes.

UPDATE: Demetrios says, "Oh, she always does that!"


Molly follows him into his bathroom every morning, he says, and she jumps into the (empty!) bathtub, a safe spot from which to observe the morning rituals.


DebD said...

Bwahahaha! Oops, I'm not laughing, Molly, really I'm not. (snicker).

Shamassy Monica said...

Sorry, but I'm laughing too.