Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Now What?

Today I was at an Area Rehabbers Klub fundraising event, where I had ample time to chat with one of my fellow wildlife rehabilitators. She told me this story.

She used to be the administrator of four nursing homes, she told me, two in Virginia and two in North Carolina. One day, she had traveled to one of the nursing homes in North Carolina and had gone out to eat afterwards with some of the nurses. In the restaurant, she noticed a nondescript man sitting in the back of the room. No big deal. Next day, she drove to one of the other nursing homes, in a different town, again ate out with some of the nurses, and again noticed the same man in that restaurant. Okay, so that could, just possibly, be coincidence. But when it happened the third night in the third town, she knew she was being followed.

She didn't have anything to hide, so there was no worry on that score. She did not feel she was in any danger, because she had a pretty good idea who had hired this spy and what the mean-spirited reason for it was. So she sat down for a while to think. I'll tell you later about the clever plan she hatched, but meanwhile, do tell us, what would YOU have done?


Christopher D. Hall said...

I would have pulled out my Glock 9mm and wasted the spy right there on the spot, shot out the window and hopped into my roadster and sped away, firing over my shoulder at the goons who were waiting in the car outside the restaurant. I would have killed them--or simply lost the tail--then gone to visit the beautiful enemy spy who knows the plan and "interrogated" her to find out the secret plan. After that, I would have reported in, been told not to take down the evil mastermind myself, but gone and done it anyway.

Or I would have asked the man why he was following me.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

The Mastermind is your Evil Mother-in-Law in her latest, desperate bid to break up your marriage, so you can't kill her because if you do, your marriage will end and she wins.

The object is to outwit, outplay, outlast.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

My friend completed her 4-stop circuit in two states and then repeated it. She took her nurses to dinner every night and stayed until the restaurant closed. Then she took them to a bar. Later, they'd have pajama parties at one of the nurses' homes in each town. The nurses would party into the wee hours, that is, but my friend would sleep. Then she'd get up very early in the morning and drive to the next town on her itinerary, taking the "scenic route".

Her objective, of course, was to run the detective ragged and to drive up his employer's (her mother-in-law's) bill. She knew he would charge by the hour, plus his expenses, including mileage.