Friday, December 31, 2010

Attention all Grandchildren, Nieces, and Other Beloved Children!

Grandma/Auntie has added the following to her already smashing sets of marble runs. Won't it be fun to combine them?

The Gadget Shoots Marbles from Bottom to Top,
This means we Can Start Marbles from 17 inches
Higher Than we Can Reach!

With Templates, Cardboard, Scissors, and Tape,
You Can Make Any Kind of Marble Run You Like

This Run Sticks on the Wall Without Leaving
a Mark.  Plus, it Comes With Glow-in-the Dark

The templates for the paper run I've already downloaded. Can't wait for the others to arrive! I'm already figuring out where to build this gigantic whopperoo!


Anam Cara said...

WOW! Where do you have room to put up something like that? It looks like great fun!

Emily H. said...

Now I don't know if we can ever visit you - if we do, we'll never get the kids to leave!

Happy New Year!