Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Conversation with Sydney

Sydney is 5, not 6 as I mistakenly wrote earlier.  Yesterday, she was showing me how she could count to 130, so today I  asked her, "What's the biggest number there is?'"

After a moment's thought, she said, "A hundred."

"Why do you think a hundred?"

"Because  after about that many years you have to go to heaven and you don't have any more numbers."

"But we can still count higher than 100, can't we?  Yesterday you counted to 130.  But you could go on and say 131, 132, and all the way up to 140, and then you could say 141 and 142 and 143."

"How about a hundred billion gazillion thousand?"

"How about two hundred billion gazillion thousand, or three hundred billion gazillion thousand?"

A few more moments of pondering and she finally said, "Grandma, we are never going to find the answer to this one."

I was opening my mouth to agree when she added, "We'll just have to look it up on the Internet!"