Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby Jackson With His New Sister and Three of His New Cousins

Q.  Is he named after Jesse Jackson?

Q.  Is he named after Michael Jackson?

Q. Are you going to spell  his name Ja 'xon?

Q. Are you going to call him "JJ" (for Jackson Jeffery)?

Q.  Are you going to call him Jackie, after Jackie Robinson?

Q. Is the jungle theme in the nursery because he's African American?

Q. Do you think he looks a little like E. T.?

Q. Doesn't he remind you of a baby gorilla?

The name was inspired by a little boy in Sydney's class of whom she is fond.  He is going to be called "Jackson" with no shortening of it and no cutsie spelling.

The nursery got its start from some crib bedding a neighbor lent in the emergency because Erin and Jeff only had pink items and no time for much shopping.

And adorable as a baby gorilla is, and E.T., too, check it out; there's really no comparison.

So Ugly He's Cute

Truly Handsome Baby, Held by Sydney;
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Precious, But Not Good-Looking

P.S.)  Jackson is as perfect a baby as can be.  He never fusses unless he needs a diaper change or a bottle.  He never frets; he never demands anything.  He is content to sit in his bouncy chair or swing, just looking, peacefully absorbing the world around him.  He eats well, sleeps well, burps as soon as you sit him up.  He never spits up (thanks, probably, to the new, high-tech bottles you need an instruction leaflet to know how to put together).  He loves to be bathed.  He loves to cuddle.  He knows no strangers.  He sleeps up to 4 hours at a time, usually needing only one middle-of-the-night feeding.  He already weighs 8 pounds, up from his birth weight of 5 something.  He can already roll over, in one direction.  He has real smiles.   Not bad for a preemie, eh?  Okay, end of Grandma's bragging - for now


Anam Cara said...

From where did those questions come? The only one that makes any sense is "are you going to call him "JJ'? And, frankly, I find the last two unbeliveably offensive. I could not have handled this with the poise you have.

Anam Cara said...

PS I think he looks precious - and isnt' it amazing how ver tiny a baby looks when you see them with other children!

elizabeth said...

Your new grandchild is a beautiful little boy! I am so happy for you!!

margaret said...

That is one well-loved baby!

Alice C. Linsley said...

God is good. What a joy to share love and to know that your family's love will nurture precious Jackson!

Anonymous God-blogger said...

What a beautiful photo of your little people! Glory to God for all of them, especially for little Jackson, the newest!