Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Or, the Cat-napper Strikes Again

My grandchildren Kelly, Ryan, and Conner have acquired two kitties since last year. They are littermates, named after coffees. Demi (Demitasse) is a pastel calico and her brother Frap (Frappucino) is mostly white with symmetrical gray markings. They're both beautiful.

And they're both shy and they're both mostly Kelly's.

"This is my Cat Attracting Blanket," she told me several days ago as she showed me her room. It was a very soft, velour blanket with two matching Cat Attrracting Pillows that all lay at the foot of her bed. The cats sleep there every night, she said.

"Well, not tonight!" I replied. "Tonight they're going to sleep with me in the guest room!"

"Grandma! No way!"

So I waited until almost midnight and then tiptoed into her room. There were no cats in sight. Kelly lay peacefully, eyes closed. I was pulling the Cat Attracting Blanket toward me when Kelly's bass voice rumbled, "Hi, Grandma."


Getting caught trying to steal from your own granddaughter, now that's humiliating. Kelly laughed all the next day.

That night, pajama-clad, she showed up at my bedroom door with her pillows in one hand and the Cat Attracting Blanket and Pillows in the other. I didn't even know what to say, until her mother said, "She wonders if she can sleep with you tonight." So into my bed she climbed and all was well with the whole, wide world.


elizabeth said...

That is just too funny and lovely all at once! What a dear!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Yes, she is.

I suspect sleeping in my bed was her mother's idea, a compromise between Kelly's wanting the cats herself and giving me the Cat Atracting Blanket and Pillows. Katherine (my daughter-in-law) is always teaching her children to be very gracious.

Questions said...

That's a lovely story!