Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Bragging...

...from Grandma.  (Grandmothers' boasting about Grandchildren is acceptable, isn't it?)

Kelly wants to be a meteorologist when she grows up.  She has always been interested in science, and now her interest has focussed upon all things related to weather.

Kelly's other Grandmother went to a silent auction and bid high for 3 hours of shadowing the chief meteorologist at the local television station.  And she won it for Kelly - a thrilling gift for this 9-year-old!

So here's Kelly in Front of the Television Station

Standing Before Blue Screen; on TV, it Would Look as it Does in Monitor, Background

Here's How the Composite Image Would Look to Viewers

With WXII Chief Meteorologist Lanie Pope, Kelly's Idol
Congratulations, Kelly!


amy said...

That is Awesome! Congratulations, Kelly!

Investing in our children's dreams has many, many returns = ' )

elizabeth said...

Nice! way to go Kelly!