Friday, December 10, 2010

Pretty, Easy, Reversible Stitch (Knitting)

The scarf I'm working on
Scarves are great projects for a lot of reasons. They help you use up odd balls of yarn left over from other projects. Or they give you a chance to use some luxury yarn you can't afford enough of for a larger project. They make nice gifts. They give you a chance to try out new stitch patterns.  They're portable, so you can work on them in, for example, waiting rooms.  And they're quick to knit.

This is a stitch pattern I came up with while playing around with two balls of yarn I wanted to use up. I didn't want plain stripes and, as almost always, I did want something reversible. (Scarves, especially, need to look good, I think, on both sides.)  This scarf has all the advantages I wanted.  Well, except one.  It gets a little boring after a while.  Still, sometimes the circumstances are wrong for work that needs more concentration, and a relatively mindless project is just the thing.

Materials: Two colors of yarn that look good together, double-pointed needles

Skill Level: Beginner

Cast on with Color A, multiples of 4 +3

***Do not turn.  Slide stitches back to the other side of the needle. 

With Color B, (K3, P1) ending K3.

Now both working strands of yarn should be at the same end of the needle. Turn the work.

With Color A, (K3, P1) ending K3.
TIP: If you will put the skeins of yarn one on either side of you and turn the work clockwise each time, the yarns will be much less likely to become entangled.

Repeat from ***, continuing in this same fashion, alternating 1 row of A with 1 row of B until the work is as long as you like and only turning every other row.  All the rows are worked the same:  (K3,P1) K3.
Variation:  You can, of course, space out the purl stitches differently, as in K5, P1 or whatever.  The  row will appear to curve as you get wider than that.


GretchenJoanna said...

I really like this look, so I am going to save your pattern against the time I get to knitting in earnest again. Thank you!