Saturday, March 5, 2011

Busy Week

For those of you who sometimes express worry if I don't post for a week, my apologies.  It's just been busy.

We bought our tickets to Greece this week and are very excited about that.  While we're there, I want to apply for Greek/EU citizenship.  No, I won't have to give up my U.S. citizenship or I wouldn't do it.  But this will simplify things by making me eligible for all sorts of things over there.  And who doesn't want to be at least an honorary Greek, anyway?  (Except on March 17, when everyone wants to be an honorary Irishman.) 

So then I had to dig up my birth certificate, marriage license, and so forth to submit for these proceedings.  I'd forgotten I took them out of the file cabinet and put them, for safekeeping, in a small fireproof box, so that meant going through my entire file cabinet for the first time in years... let's just say stacks of organized files are still sitting about, waiting to be put back.  In order, this time.

Meanwhile I found my children's birth and baptismal certificates, yes, the ones you've been asking about, my dears, but they're only copies, not notarized, so probably wouldn't have done you any good anyway.  Also found the letter from Met. Anthony of Sourozh to send to John.  (KONSTANTINA, if you are reading this, I've misplaced his/your e-mail address; help!)

Today was our annual Wild Animal Baby Shower in support ARK, the Area Rehabbers Klub.  It's our main annual fundraising event.  So I manned the registration desk, handing out information, registering people for door prizes, accepting donations, directing children to the animals and/or the face painting corner. 

The wild animals in attendance were:  an owl, a crow, an oppossum, a hawk (I think I saw), and two snakes.   Will post photos when I get them.

Demetrios has been planning the patio he wants to build outside our sun room in a part of the yard that is rather ugly right now, so he's been looking at paving options and measuring and getting opinions and estimates. 

He had a colonoscopy yesterday afternoon, so that kept us both busy (and hungry) all day.   In the afternoon? you ask.  Yes, because he couldn't get a morning appointment until long after we were already planning to be in Greece. 

And here's what happens when you leave poor Baby Brother alone for a moment with his Big Sister.


Anonymous said...
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GretchenJoanna said...

If I were flitting back and forth across the oceans the way you do I don't think I could keep track of *anything*. Maintaining some order in all my papers is a huge challenge -- actually, instilling some order is a project for Lent this year!