Monday, March 21, 2011

Overweight is a Spiritual Problem

That's what I read in a magazine, Oprah's magazine, in the doctor's waiting room. How embarrassing to burst into tears right there, recognizing both the truth of the statement and what the content was, in my case. I've lost a pound a week since New Year's Day, but the article points out that whatever is amiss will only show up in other ways, if not in overeating.

Lent is such a great time for facing all these things.

Strange, how we fear so much to face ourselves and all our brokenness, yet the most blessed, most peaceful times of our lives are precisely when we do!


GretchenJoanna said...

Oh, my, the Lord is not limited in what He will use to speak to us, is He?! Bless you, dear sister -- I could cry with you. And this must be the joy-creating sorrow, as you show.

Dixie said...

I face this every single day when I look into the mirror. I have long acknowledged that what I see there is a spiritual problem. My sin is visible to everyone who sees me. It is the source of constant struggle for me. But...OK...I struggle. I am glad to have come to Holy Orthodoxy to be able to see it for the sin it is and to know that I must still struggle. I went for many years not knowing either.

Thanks for sharing this. Kali Sarakosti

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

@GretchenJoanna: joy-creating sorrow; I love that phrase!

@Dixie: Well, then, as para-godmothers, let's support each other in prayer. Oh, BTW, I've been reading up, and diets these days are completely different from what you and I learned in our youth. You can actually eat quite a bit, provided it's the right stuff. Not refined sugar, and not bread and pies and cakes. Not pasta, either. Not yogurt and not sugar substitute.

Eggs? Yes! Meat? Yes (after Pascha, of course). Rice? Yes. Fats? YES, in moderation, and the right kind. Margarine is the wrong kind, butter is actually okay! Olive oil best of all. We NEED to eat a little fat every day. Sweet potatoes? Yes, they're on the menu. So are all the fruits and fresh veggies you want, and nuts. (No orange juice.)

In short, we no longer have to starve or even count calories if we keep our portions normal.

I found this info encouraging (except, of course, for the bit about keeping away from refined sugar) so that's why I pass it on.

Genevieve said...

Let's all remember, overweight is not always a spiritual issue. I know some friends that are very ill, and have no way that they could ever diet or join an exercise program, due to doctors visits every other day. When one of my friends went in the hospital last year, they weighed her. She was in ICU for 4 months, and ate nothing by mouth. She came out 5 pounds heavier than before. She did nothing to herself to be ill. She has Chron's disease, and is a very good struggler. Just so that we do not start judging others spiritual state by looking at them. She even said that some people have mistreated her regarding her weight. We should never speak badly about another's weight, and always, strive for self-control. Your post is interesting, as usual! :)