Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Kneeometer

We are just back from visiting children and grandchildren, and I have to tell you a some cute stories. This one is the story of Sydney and the Kneeometer.

A kindergarten classmate of Sydney's fell and broke her leg and came to class next day in a cast and wheelchair, garnering in the process a great deal of attention. That afternoon, Sydney took a minor fall at home, and groaning and wailing, told her mother, "You need to take me to Urgent Care right away, because I'm sure I have broken my knee. It hurts! OWWW!" And she went around limping for as long as she knew her mother was watching her, but walking normally when she didn't know Erin was looking.

Finally Erin said, "We'll wait until Daddy gets home because he has a kneeometer and he will be able to assess your injury."

When Daddy came home, he brought out his kneeometer from the garage, a device that looks remarkably like a giant wrench. This he placed either side of Sydney's knee and squeezed - only a little, of course.

"Does it hurt?" he asked.


"That's good!" said Jeffrey. "That means it isn't broken, because if it were broken, you wouldn't be able to feel anything."

Sydney almost wept from disappointment.


Steve Robinson said...

I love it! Parents have to be creative like that. Good job.

margaret said...

Dads!!! And I have bad news for Sydney, the don't improve with age, mine was still pulling wool over my eyes when I was 44.