Sunday, April 24, 2011

Perhaps Not Today, Thank You Anyway

Bright and early this morning came a knock on the front door.  It was the Jehovah's Witnesses with whom Demetrios had had a whole discussion several days ago, come with reinforcements "to finish our conversation." 

Demetrios greeted them with, "Christ is Risen!"  and they gave him a blank look.  He explained he was just getting ready to leave for church, so they departed.

But they'll be back.  That's what happens when once you let them in the door.


Deacon Benjamin Harju said...

Just like vampires. Coincidentally, vampires don't like crosses either. While I don't think Jehovah's Witnesses sleep in coffins, one can never be sure about things like that. Best keep some garlic and holy water handy just in case.

Deacon Benjamin Harju said...

Actually, while Demetrios talks with the JW Interrogation Team, pray the Jesus Prayer somewhere nearby, but where they can't see you. Don't stop until they leave.

DebD said...

oh yes, they always come back with more.

Anam Cara said...

I always enjoy having various "missionaries" come to talk. I've had many opportunities to share the good news with them. One JW came back again and again, gave me a copy of the book she used to refute Christian objections which I then used to show her where they were wrong. One night she came by with only her young daughter (no "handler") and told me she'd like to talk more. That was the last time I saw her.

And, if nothing else, the more time they spend in my house, the less time they have to spread their "truth" to other neighbors.