Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spirit of Love

One thing that continually astonishes me is my reluctance, so often, to follow where the Holy Spirit leads, when all He is asks me to do is (in part) for my own good, my own healing, my own well-being and joy. 

What's with that?  This is the Spirit of Love!  This is the One Who loves me better - infinitely better! - than I love myself.  This is the One Who, when we do follow Him, floods us with peace and joy and hope and gratitude, to the point of tears. Good tears, I mean; the kind you wish would never cease.

I suppose it's like going to the dentist.  I do that reluctantly, too.  That's not my idea of happiness!  No, but having my own teeth is.  And having them free of toothache definitely is.

One consolation is that even when we follow Him reluctantly, with none of the above, He can take the smallest act of obedience and do great things with it.


Marsha said...

I'm right there with you! It amazes me how often we humans choose unhealth over that which heals. God is so faithful though and long-remembering of us!