Monday, April 25, 2011

The Talk (Yes, That one)

Saturday, I had the talk with my niece, Elizabeth, who is soon to be 11 years old.  Thought her mother would want me to, and knew her father did, because I asked him ahead of time.  Told her by no means everything, just what she will need to know in the near future.  Her questions made it obvious she'd had no clue, although she had heard "PMS" on television a couple of nights before and wondered what it meant.  This amazes me, in a refreshing way; I had supposed these days every child above the age of six could give me a full lecture on the Facts of Life.

We talked some about her mother, and another thing struck me:  I enjoy my sister's company in dreams fairly regularly, but I have never once dreamed about my father since the day he died.   What's with that, I wonder???