Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blog Notes

Today I'm taking time off from the "Why Did Jesus Die?" series. My brain could use a rest and who knows, maybe yours could, too. Besides I'm busy today with Bun-Bun, the bunny I wrote about a couple of days ago, and another, nearly grown bunny, cat attack victim, who is close to death but so far keeps hanging on, and a fledgling Cedar Waxwing, to be taken to Amber and put in her flight cage, as it is already attempting to fly. I'm also taking some Greek visitors to a museum this morning and going to visit my parents this evening, God willing.

As of this writing, my best estimate on the total number of installments on why Jesus died is 16, maybe 17, which is considerably more than I had at first expected.

Thanks to Emily, I have discovered a new feature of Blogger I like very much. It's the automated "My Blog List". It's extremely easy to set up, and the cool thing about it is, it shows every blog's latest post and how long ago that post appeared. You also have the option of displaying a little opening snippet from each latest post. What I like about this is that it saves me the time of checking all the blogs, when I can see that only 2 of them have posts I have not yet read.

One other feature you may or may not like is that the list doesn't "stay put", that is, remain in any constant order. Instead, blogs are juggled in (more or less) real time according to the most recent posts, the blogs with the newest posts appearing at the top of the list. That's somebody's idea of convenience, although I rather like lists to hold still!

P.S.) Bun-Bun is named after an Easter bunny given to my niece Madison when she was only a little over a year old, her faithful companion and inseparable bed mate for many years, through many launderings and repairs with needle and thread. I believe Bun-Bun may be retired by now, but he (she?) is certainly still around.



123 said...

I might add that feature to my blog. The other way to see what new things are posted on your favorite blogs is to use Google Reader. It's an RSS feed. When you Subscribe to a given blog, it lists all of their new posts, noting which posts are new. I have subscriptions to about 25 different blogs, and it definitely saves time not having to click to a given blog (or 10) to see there is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I guess I should try to look at it as a milestone. That's a much better perspective.