Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Gall Bladder... what Demetrios is minus one of tonight, and he doesn't miss it one bit. He says he feels sweetly drowsy and relaxed for the first time in days and is glad he isn't suffering the bloating he was expecting. (They have to pump your belly full of gas to do the procedure.)

I told him after supper last night we ought to go to the emergency room, but he was very tired, from two nights of being kept awake by pain, and didn't want to. By bedtime last night, he said he was feeling much better.

That lasted until about 2 a.m. My darling dear waited until 6:00 to awaken me! We were in the ER by 6:45. By 10:00 they had confirmed his self-diagnosis and had put him in a room. The surgery began at 7:00 this evening and lasted forever because, the surgeon said, "the gall bladder was completely rotten" and crammed full of gallstones, not a space left in it. It's a wonder he managed to get it all out through the laparoscope and didn't have to do open surgery.

Demetrios fell asleep as I was leaving, saying, "Everybody's so wonderful. Don't know how to thank them..."

Thank you, God!



Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am glad the surgery went so smoothly.
God grant him a quick recovery !

DebD said...

Wow! I'm glad he's okay.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Prayer for a quick recovery!