Monday, July 28, 2008

Kid Bits

Lizzie: I try to lower my temper, but it just doesn't go down.

* * *

Lizzie: If you keep bumping into walls, does it mean God isn't treating you very well?

Anastasia: No! God always treats us well, always, even when it doesn't seem that way. If you keep bumping into walls, it just means you aren't looking where you're going!

Maddy: It means that in our old house, the floor near your room wasn't very level.

* * *

Demetrios: Elizabeth, you have such a sweet voice. Will you sing us a song?

Lizzie: No, I'm too embarrassed.

Anastasia: Please?

Maddy: Sing one of the ones you've written.

Lizzie: No, please. I'm too embarrassed. But I'll write the words down for you!

[Grabs a pen and paper and begins writing, humming the tune all the while. Then, after a couple of minutes, pauses.]

Lizzie: Maddy, do you believe in God?

Maddy: Yeah!

Lizzie: Good. Because I can't write this song if you don't.

[Resumes writing and humming. Goes to piano to play the tune for us, inadvertently singing the words aloud. Then hands me the paper.]

Song to Mom

We love you
We really do
Me and Maddy,
Me and Maddy,
Love you so, love you so
La la la la
We believe in God
We believe in God
That's why we love you


Anonymous said...

I love this! I just recently started writing down the things that my son says. Kids have the greatest senses of humor without even realizing it. They are such a joy!

Shamassy Monica said...

My heart swells...

How long do you have the girls with you?