Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Don't Complain About What?

Earlier, I wrote that if we could only learn to stop complaining, even inwardly, then in the process we would have succeeded in becoming saints. And I still say that's true.

It just won't work in my case. Why not? Because I really don't, myself, have anything to stop complaining about! When it comes to bearing afflictions with a saintly attitude, I just have no material to work with. (External material, I mean. There's always the inner mess with which to struggle.) Millions of people would fall on their knees in tears, blessing God every moment, to have it as good as I have in this life.

And if I ever think I have a complaint, I'm just being a grossly deluded, spoiled brat. Period.

And if I stop complaining, I shall simply have stopped being quite so absurd and assinine. It takes considerably more than that to be a saint.