Monday, July 28, 2008

Greek Lessons

Elizabeth found a Greek phrase book near her bed, the kind tourists use. It shows you the Greek spelling, how to pronounce it, and the English equivalent. Lizzie has been fascinated by it.

She spent a couple of hours practicing various words and phrases. She especially practiced saying, "Demetri, s'agapo!" Demetri, I love you!

When he got home, it came out "Demetri, soggy pole," but he quickly figured out what she meant and was so thrilled!

Elizabeth even decided (no prodding, I swear!) to make herself a little vocabulary list. I think she chose the words more or less at random. Here is first edition of it, and the Greek writing is quite good, too!


Emily H. said...

Wow! She already knows more than I do - good for her!!

Tony said...

I have a book called "Greek in 25 Lessons" or something like that. It kinda works along the same route.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Elizabeth seems to feel Greek is some code she has to crack, and won't be happy until she does!