Tuesday, July 15, 2008

But How Does God Want to be Worshipped?

Pr. Hall has a good commentary about church music on his blog.

It's not about pleasing us, moving us, making us feel good. Nothing wrong with feeling good, but that isn't what it's all about. We aren't supposed to go to church to serve ourselves. We are supposed to go there to offer prayers and praises and selves and each other to Him. If He is pleased, our goal is met.

And in the Old Testament, God is incredibly particular about how He wants to be worshipped, spelling it out in great detail. Christian worship (well, Orthodox worship, at any rate; I cannot speak for the non-Orthodox) is a Christianized continuation of that worship, which He Himself specified. It's all about pleasing Him, worshipping Him not only in our minds, not only in emotions, but above all on His terms, "in spirit and in truth."



DebD said...

How appropriate that you and Pr. would be speaking about this today - the Feast day of St. Vladimir.