Thursday, December 10, 2009

Breaking News...

Katherine, my daughter-in-law, is recovering nicely from an emergency appendectomy late this afternoon. As it was a laparoscopic procedure, she may even go home tomorrow, if she continues doing as well as she is now.

Her mother, who lives a bare mile or so away, has been caring for the three children (Kelly, age 8, Ryan and Connor, age 5). Mark, my son, nevertheless reports being "tired." Yup, hospitals will do that to you.

Looks like Erin (my daughter) and Jeff and little Sydney will be hosting Kelly and the twins tomorrow. There's going to a Christmas parade in their town, followed by a neighborhood pizza party, which Santa always visits, complete with a little gift for each child.


elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy! Prayers for health and healing.

DebD said...

prayers for Katherine.