Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Babies

The Richmond Animal League has received from various "kill shelters" 36 puppies ranging in age from 4-8 weeks and has put out an SOS. So I've made them a deal. They promise to take back all 4 kittens next Thursday (the day before I leave town for the weekend) and I'll take 2 of the youngest puppies, possibly three if it's necessary to avoid having an odd one left over with no siblings. Which they will keep for me over the weekend I'm gone and then return to my care.

Puppies are harder than kittens because once they're up and running, they have to be taken outdoors to do their jobbies. (No, I will NOT paper-train any puppy in my house; I find that too disgusting.)

Do you suppose a puppy could be trained to use a litter box?