Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not a Creature Was Stirring

...because my animal nursery is empty this Christmas Eve!  The kittens have gone back to the shelter to be neutered and spayed and put up for adoption after the holidays.  The squirrels are with Chris, who took them before I went away last weekend.  I haven't been able to pick them up from her because she keeps calling me and saying, "My road is a solid sheet of ice.  You ain't gonna get down it, so just wait and come when it melts."  And yesterday, I declined to take two 8-week old Airedale mix puppies from the shelter.

It's a good thing, with all the other hustle and bustle, to have a break from animal babies.  Once the new year gets here, I'm finally going to relax some.  I'm going to be a couch potato for about a month, watching movies on TV, knitting, sipping my hot chocolate, and maybe snuggling some kittens or puppies.  But not now.  Too, too busy.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone!  No matter where you are, no matter how much stress, distress or sorrow you're in (especially then), celebrate with deep joy and awe, because the eternal God of all the Universe becomes Man, born in time, in order to make us gods forever with and in Him. 


elizabeth said...

Merry Christmas! Christ is born, Glorify Him!