Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Graduation

The three baby squirrels have now graduated from the cat carrier to a wire cage.  I laid a sheet of plastic in a corner of the sunroom, with newspaper on top of that, to put under the cage.  Inside the cage I put a hanging water bottle, a mineral block, some apple chunks and rodent chow and a nest bag.  The nest bag consists of three king-sized, flannel pillowcases each inside the other.  It's hung in a corner of the cage with three large safety pins, so it has a triangular opening.

When I put the babies in the cage, they just froze in place from fright.  So I put them in the nest bag, where they are currently hiding.  Hunger will bring them out in due course, because although their size is increasing, the amount I formula I give them is not.  Hunger and curiosity will prod them to explore their new surroundings.  Oh, I should mention, there's a cover over their cage, so they don't feel so out in the open and exposed.

After they've learned to be at home in their new cage for three days or so, I'll move the cage, with an even warmer nest bag, outdoors.  The weather here is still in the upper 60's most days, in the afternoons, at least, so the change shouldn't be much of a shock. 

The four little kittens went with me this morning for a visit next door, to the day care center.  There, under close superivision, the children held them and petted them and two small dogs thoroughly sniffed them.  I'll try to repeat this exercise tomorrow and a bit next week, so these furballs will become good pets for homes with dogs and children.

Their own graduation is near; they are now nearly 8 weeks old, and at 9 weeks, they'll be put up for adoption.  I hope somebody takes them home for Christmas.