Saturday, December 12, 2009

Orthodox Response

There are, so far as I can tell, 3 major religions and 1 major ideology that consider themselves destined and/or entitled to rule the whole world. Roman Catholicism is only one of them. The others are: Islam, Judaism when Messiah comes, and Communism.

What ought the rest of us to do about it? The same things we're supposed to be doing anyway, I suppose. Pray, pray, and pray some more. Fast, be vigilant. Love. Never stop loving. Get ready to die.


margaret said...

The Catholic News Service in the UK has an alarming article which says the government's new laws about gender equality could, in principle, leave the way open for imprisoning bishops and sequestering church funds if women and gays, etc, are not allowed to become priests. The government denies it but it gives an idea of the persecution that is coming soon both in the UK and the US. Sometimes I think the big battle of the future will be secularism versus Islam because Communism is washed up and Judaism will never have a new messiah.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

That is alarming. I believe it has already actually happened in Sweden.

Not sure I agree with you about Communism or Judaism. China is a super power, and Commuist still.

And I'm not sure, but my (very poor!) understanding is that the anti-Christ (the "instead-of-Christ", or the bogus Christ) will have to Jewish, as the true Christ was, in order to deceive Christians and Jews alike; some of the former will think it's the Second Coming and some of the latter will think he's Messiah.

And meanwhile, devout Jews are doing whatever they can to prepare for this Messiah's coming, and making great headway, too. So in a way it doesn't matter whether they ever do have a new Messiah; what matters is the struggle for control in preparation.

So I'm not yet ready, myself, to discount Communism or Judaism as contenders.