Thursday, December 10, 2009

Get Mommed!

Even if you already have the most wonderful Mom in the world, who can't use some extra mothering?  Get yourself a cyber-Mom to tide you over the cold and flu season, courtesy of Kleenex.

You get your choice of several moms, including a Southern Mom, Hispanic Mom, Countercultural Mom, Prim and Proper Mom, African-American Mom, Jewish Mom, Asian Mom.  (That's in order, from left to right.) You can "interview" each of them. Or you can take a quiz and let the website recommend a Mom based upon your answers.

You can check items on a list you'd like your cyber-Mom to do for you, such as wake you up on a given morning or mornings (or after your nap in the afternoon), telepone you at bedtime and tell you a bedtime story, send you an e-mail about this morning's weather conditions, give you daily advice, etc. 

It's fun!  If you adopt one of these extra Moms, let me know which one, and then I'll tell you whether we are cyber-siblings!