Thursday, May 22, 2008

God's Timing

A blog, being public, is not the place to write about some things in detail, but I just have to share this much: I understand now why God timed my sister Barbara's death as He did. It was perfect. In spite of how painful it has been to lose her, I can see now that indeed, her earthly sojourn began exactly when it should and, yes, ended exactly when it should. (And, of course, this is true for every human in the whole history of the world.)

We walk by faith, yes, but once in a while God also gives us sight, and the sight confirms the faith, the faith that God is good, and that He always does things well and rightly and as is best for all concerned, even when we cannot understand how this could be. But when He does grant us to understand, that is such comfort, such peace, such great joy, even. Glory to God for all things!



DebD said...

I am so glad for you.

Dixie said...

Anastasia, I completely understand what you have written. It is a wonderful treasure when we are given a glimpse into the perfect timing of God.

Christos Anesti!