Sunday, May 4, 2008

Note From my Daughter

This brought me to tears. I am so pleased!

So we did the Race for the Cure (breast cancer) yesterday and there were between 10,000-12,000 people who had registered for this race and probably even more people who just came. I don't know how many people did the timed 5K race (lots of people just walk) but I came in second place for my division (females, 35-39 years)! I couldn't believe it! I got a medal!! YIPPEE! The first mile was BRUTAL--mostly uphill, but the last quarter mile of the race was a WONDERFUL downhill stretch and I kicked it as fast as I could, keeping Barbara's face in my head the whole way! The bad news is the Jeff pushed Sydney in the stroller with all of our stuff and he STILL beat me! But only by a few seconds. I beat out marathon runners (Susan and one of her friends), for instance, and even a fitness instructor at the Y who is a young 20-something male! Unlike the second place winner of the Derby yesterday, I'm alive and well! (Did you hear about the poor filly who crossed the finish line in second place yesterday and then broke both ankles and had to be put down? So sad!)

The awards ceremony was pretty awesome. There was a large group of breast cancer survivors, all wearing pink T-shirts who came up and each received a pink flower (rose?) and LOUD cheers from the crowd! How I wished I could've seen Aunt B up there!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a brilliant achievement !