Friday, May 16, 2008

Post-surgical Delirium

That's what Mom has, not a stroke.

Her blood pressure also dropped, several times, to a dangerously low level, but as of this morning, is back to normal. That, however, has not helped her thinking. She's loopy. We are going to wait another day, and if her mind hasn't cleared by tomorrow, we are going to ask for some anti-psychotic meds to see if they will help.

Meanwhile Dad, who has an enlarged prostate we've been hesitant to have corrected, because of his age (87), was having some sort of urinary trouble. So yesterday while I sat all day with Mom, Wendy and Demetrios looked after Dad. For a while it appeared he would have to go to the Emergency Room, but then his pain went away and he was found to have been urinating without much problem all along. Then he thought it humorous to cry out loudly whenever he was touched, only to break out in a grin a moment later and say, "Just joking!"

So we've had a stressful couple of days, but things seem to be moving in the right direction now. Demetrios has left for Richmond, and I will follow by train whenever the time seems right.

Meanwhile, Wendy and I get to spend some sisterly time together.



DebD said...

I'm so relieved. Say hello to Wendy for me and enjoy some peaceful time together now.