Monday, August 11, 2008

Dad is Better

In fact, he seems to be back to where he was two or three weeks ago. Except of course mentally, but he was already losing ground there steadily. He's also physically weaker, but again, that was already happening.

Today Rossi and I (his private-duty aide) borrowed a "gerry chair," which is basically an armchair, a recliner, on wheels, and took him outside to the gorgeous garden. We bade him feel the breeze, look at the blue sky, the bright flowers, and the water fountain, all of which he did. He seemed to enjoy it. Even should this prove to have been the last time he is ever outdoors, espcecially if so, I'm so, so glad we did this. Mom and I are going to look into getting him a gerry chair of his own.

No time this moment to write more, except I hope to go home to Richmond tomorrow,

Thank you again and again for your prayers, and be certain I've been praying for every reader of this blog, as well.


Tony said...

I'm so happy for you all! A thousand congratulations a thousand times over!