Monday, August 18, 2008

Zaccheus Cried Himself to Sleep that Night

When you begin to understand
(begin, because you never can, fully)
how hugely you have damaged and deformed yourself,
how deeply you have wounded others,

when you get a true glimpse
of the aching beauty you have missed,
the True Love you have scorned,
and trashed what is most to be cherished,

when you truly know the reality
of how ugly are the pleasures you grasp,
and how ruinous, and hateful,

and when you see, right there,
immediately next to your heart,
forgiveness, healing, a new start, real life,
all yours for the taking,

that’s when the tears come,
in a flood, all by themselves, guaranteed.


Steve Robinson said...

Amen. Beautiful. Did you write this?

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Thank you, s-p. Yes, I wrote it.

(It isn't meant to be a poem (no rhyme or meter or anything); it just sort of came out with lines broken up that way...)