Sunday, August 10, 2008

Various News on our Patients

Dad seems to holding his own. Doesn't seem to be getting any worse, but not much better, either. Maybe a little. They still won't put him in his wheelchair, saying he is "too agitated." Not sure that's right. He doesn't seem to have any trouble breathing. No rattling in his chest. He SAYS he breathes just fine and gets enough air. He denies being in any pain. And only gets the morphine if he says he IS in pain. So as far as I know, hasn't had any since I got here Friday noon. I make him drink as much fluid as I can when I'm with him. He's eating well. Can't talk much, probably due to his dementia more than anything else. I have no idea how long he can last. Sometimes I give him a day or two, other times, a month.

Mom is fine. She has a brace on her left wrist to keep her from bending it, not because of anything broken, but because of a deep cut around the base of her thumb from her fall. She also has deep, gorgeous shades of blue, purple, and pea green spreading from the middle of her forehead down the side of her face to below her ear. Her bangs cover up the forehead; makeup helps hide the rest. Yesterday she needed my help getting dressed, but today she did it all herself. The swollen knee has gone down and she walks well. Last night she even went to a movie here on the "campus" of the retirement home.

Sammy is the infant squirrel I've had some two-and-a-half weeks. I've brought him with me on this visit to my parents. His eyes are getting ready to open. He is thriving and I take some small comfort in watching him grow. I brought along a big bottle of antibiotics for him, as I routinely do, because he is such a greedy eater that a time or two he has aspirated some of his formula and choked.

Yours truly is exhausted and suffering headaches a lot. But fortunately, I brought along a bottle of aspirin, good for the heart as well as the headache.

Confession last night, Communion this morning; God is healing me spiritually as well. Glory to Him!