Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pictures

I hope you are all having a wonderful celebration of the twelve days of Christmas.

We spent from Christmas Eve through the weekend with children and grandchildren, dividing our time between Erin and her family (Jeff and Sydney) and Mark and his family (Katherine, Kelly, Ryan, and Connor) and we had a wonderful, relaxing time. As Demetrios says, those little children are "a delight all day long!"

Here are a few pictures. As always, you can click to enlarge.

Green Eyes: Sydney with "Fancy Nancy"

Sydney in Her New House

Play-Doh Fun. Demetrios intervenes to show Jeff how an alligator's tail should be formed.


DebD said...

All the photos are great. I especially liked Demetrios modeling the slippers.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Me, too. Of course, to appreciate this photo fully, you have to know Demetrios (as you do, somewhat)! You have to experience him as a man with a certain gravitas that seems totally incongruent with Poise-pad slippers (or Play-Doh)!