Sunday, March 1, 2009

Forgiveness Sunday

Dear Brothers and Sisters, in Christ or not,

Please forgive me all the offenses I have committed in the last year against you, the times I've been too strident, too flippant, too pesky, etc. etc. etc. Please know it was unintentional and I shall strive to be more careful, as well as kinder and more considerate.


DebD said...

God forgives and I forgive. Forgive me my sister.

William Weedon said...

I forgive and I rejoice that God forgives you and me. I ask you also to forgive me, Anastasia, for words that may have been hurtful.

Elizabeth said...

I forgive, as God forgives us all.
Please forgive me, a sinner.

Mimi said...

I forgive, as God forgives.
Forgive me, my sister.

Absolutely gorgeous photos, I especially love the one with the bird.