Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Week! (From Yesterday)

Monday! That's when we are heading for Greece. I'm SO excited!! Can't wait to see the friends there. Can't wait to get my little house dusted and set up. To sit in our little balcony and watch the city go by. To hug Thomai, our downstairs neighbor.

My TO DO list is too long to fit on one page. Time for blogging will be very short this week. After that, I expect I'll spend a couple of days getting over jet lag. But THEN, I'll be posting this year's installment of my adventures abroad. Plus some of the usual topics.

We'll be leaving Greece June 28, for 10 days in England, house-hunting before we come home. That is, looking for a small apartment. At the very least, even if we do not succeed in acquiring one, I'll get a very different view of England. "From the inside" will take on a different meaning, won't it?


Elizabeth said...

You have a good week getting ready to travel back to Greece !

My prayers for a safe journey and I look forward to hearing all your Greek adventures :-)