Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whitey Squirrel

On February 12, I posted a picture of some brand new baby squirrels, literally only about 2-3 days old, and pointed out that one of them would probably be a white squirrel once his fur came in. Well, he is furred now, and yes, he is white. Here are some pictures of the baby, now about 6 weeks old. He is not albino; albinos have red eyes and this little baby has brown ones. He's just white. What fun!

Clicking on any of these pictures will enlarge it to approximately full-screen size.

Whitey Squirrel in a Doll Chair

Whitey Squirrel on Red Cloth

Sign on Whitey's Box

Angela Holding Whitey Squirrel

Whitey Squirrel Holds His Bottle. I'm Assuming That's Holly Holding Him.

Notice, Whitey is not an Albino; His Eyes Are Brown, not Red


Chocolatesa said...

Soooo cute!!!

Elizabeth said...

Isn't he gorgeous ?

Andrea Elizabeth said...

I really like him in the little chair. Thanks for sharing these little squirrels with us.