Monday, February 8, 2010

In the Midst of Winter, Endless Summer

It's always Summer in our wonderful sunroom. Sunday we sat there almost all day, talking, reading, knitting. Yes, the view was wintry. We watched the icicles melt. We watched snow on the branches turn to little water drops that shimmered in the breeze and turned into prisms in the bright sunshine. We listened to the meltwater gurgling down the raingutters, and to the snow sliding off our roof. We watched the sunshine clear our driveway and street.

But we were enveloped in Summer. Even on the shortest days of the year, that room is drenched in sunlight and warmth, mostly solar warmth, with very little artificial heat added, and none at all from about mid-morning until sunset. Being in it is downright mood-altering! It's therapy, as Demetrios says, like a sauna or steamroom or a good massage. Or lying on some tropical beach. We picnic there, on a little glass-topped table. We nap there, on a very comfy sofa. We can't get over how much we love being in it.

I no longer resent winter, as I always used to. It no longer depresses me. I have a roomful of Summer right here, year-round.

Had we known all this, we would have built this sunroom many years ago!


elizabeth said...

what a blessing! also that you get sunshine in winter!! I am always greatful when we also have sunshine...

Dixie said...

I can imagine your happiness with having a sunroom in winter and the ability to take advantage of the sunshine even on the coldest days.

Years the 1980' husband's father sold the family indie Mercedes Benz repair garage in Kansas City and went into business building sunrooms. I always wanted to have one but we were never in a position to afford the installation. The business ultimately folded because my husband's father was a better engineer than a business man and we moved South in a house full of windows with no need for a sunroom...I am wanting a screened in porch out back though.