Saturday, February 13, 2010

On Pins and Needles!

(In the UK, knitting needles, I believe, are called knitting pins.)

So, at last, my lace project is on the needles! Doesn't look like much yet, but I'm pleased with the start and thought I'd share pictures of the front and the back.

The the circular needle distorts the shape of the work but it's actually going to be a square afghan, knitted from the center outwards in rounds.


margaret said...

The English call them pins but up here, north of Hadrian's Wall where there be dragons, we call them needles :)

I am looking forward to seeing the progress of the Afghan. It's making me want to try crochet again but I'm supposed to be making a dalmatikon so it's embroidery I should be practising.

elizabeth said...

lovely! it is so good that woman are still doing these arts... someday I should learn to knit but for now I will focus on learning French!

Thanks for showing us - I really like see your work!