Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, Maybe One Theological Thought in My Head...

The past couple of days, as I sit knitting, I've been pondering militant atheism. Now a tentative atheism, or an agnosticism, or doubt, all those I can understand and respect. But militant atheism is just very hard for me to take seriously. The trouble is, people like that expect us to believe so many things that to me are just outlandish, that stretch credulity far more than Christianity does.

The only outlandish thing Christianity asks you to believe is that God became one of us, weak, hungry, tired, sometimes in need of washing - and suffered and bled and died for us. Now that is outlandish.

But it's not as crazy as thinking the universe happened by chance, or that there is no inherent meaning in things, or that intelligent life (us) came about by chance. There's a better probability that my cat designed the Internet. C'mon, dear atheists. Get serious.


Anam Cara said...

What always astonishes me is how much energy the expend on something they don't believe exists.

And the fact that it is next to impossible to PROVE a negative.

I used this example to teach our children the concept:

While we certainly BELIEVE dinosaurs are extinct, we can't PROVE that. For there to be proof, we'd have to look behind every tree in the world at exactly the same time to make sure one wasn't hiding there. Silly example, I know, but shows the problems with proving something ISN'T.

Some things you just have to accept on faith....

PS How's your snow coming?

margaret said...

Anam Cara has it. If you could reroute all the hate atheists expend on God the world wouldn't have an energy problem.

How's your snowflakey-lacey knitting coming?

Steve Robinson said...

Yep, even atheism comes down to faith in nothing.