Sunday, March 13, 2011


My fellow wildlife rehabber, Gudrun ("Goodie") has a squirrel that failed to grow. He seems in otherwise good health, but he's a midget. Goodie is keeping him and I thought you might like to see pictures of him. Here he is, eating an apple and posing with his Beanie Baby counterpart. His name is Parker and yes, he's an adult now.

P.S. I myself am not rehabbing this year, as I won't have time to raise anything before leaving for Greece.


margaret said...

He's fabulous! God grant Gudrun many years!

I have a small wood behind my house and the resident squirrels bring so much joy. Miss Darcy thinks the dining room window is a home entertainment centre. She can spend entire afternoons there squeaking her wee head off watching the squirrels in the back garden.