Monday, March 28, 2011

An Update

I should clarify that tomorrow's surgery is to be done on one of Demetrios' carotid arteries, so the surgeon will go in through the neck.  It's not like a coronary artery, in which the rib cage has to be sawn open to get to it.  It's just, well, as Demetrios puts it, a pain in the neck.  (He adds that the surgeon is a real cutthroat guy.)

All kinds of puns coming from him.  What did the heart transplant patient who chickened out just before the operation say to his doctor?  "Doctor, I'm having a change of heart."

Demetrios called up Fr. David (Deb, that's the same Fr. David ordained from your parish.) and asked if he would hear his confession.  So we went to meet him at the OCA church, and Fr. David, super kind, suggested we could both have Confession and then take Communion and then he would do an abbreviated form of the service of Holy Unction.  So we did, most gratefully.  Three sacraments in one evening!  We now feel well provisioned for facing tomorrow.


DebD said...

Wow! praying going up tonight and tomorrow.

Yes, I know who Fr. David is, although I doubt he knows me. He was ordained before I started attending St. Mark. What a lovely thing he has done for you.

Christopher Hall said...

Praying for your husband today, and for you! Lord have mercy.

elizabeth said...

Beautiful. Prayers. Lampada lit. Love to you and D.

William Weedon said...

Remembering him (and you) in prayer.