Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why are People Forsaking Church in Droves?

One reason for people’s churchly severance
Is, they miss good old-fashioned reverence,
Which doesn’t fit well at services
With balloons and whirling dervishes.

To fix your soul you must face what’s wrong,
Which is hard to do to a happy-clappy song.
You won’t even see where you’re not so great
If all you do is celebrate, celebrate.

Celebrations will draw them for the short run,
For people love playing and music and fun.
But you need ever more to keep getting those highs,
Inevitably you crash, and what’s left but sighs?

Entertainment grows wearisome, feelings go flat,
You have to give people much more than that.
Sentiment sours and pleasures aren’t joys,
And church-going folk are not all girls and boys.

Adults want substance and not just feeling,
But wisdom and truth and meaning and healing
In short, they’re searching for things profound
That have little to do with clowning around.

Fun is for picnics, church camps, and youth meets,
Ditto, dancing and movies and magical feats.
In church, theoretically, God is right here;
If so, then with love, awe, and reverence draw near.

If not, there’s your trouble; go back to square one.
You’ve but ethics to offer, and feelings and fun,
And people will seek the deep Mystery elsewhere,
Or give up and pretend they no longer care.

The secret attraction is Himself, Jesus Christ,
By Whom, more than anything, folks are enticed.
Dearer than all else, all our Hope, all our Heart,
With decorum receive Him, before more depart!


David Garner said...

If I could be King of the world for a day, I'd order that this poem be rendered into a song. Probably a loud Sousa march or an annoying polka or something accompanied by bagpipes. Then, any time someone used phrases like "make our Faith more relevant to the modern world" or "meet people where they are," I'd order this song be played. Loudly. And I'd order that everyone in the immediate vicinity turn their back on the person using the offending phrase.

All of which is my weird way of saying, well said.

Anam Cara said...

Ditto David

Weekend Fisher said...

Nice. Now to just get the people to read it who need to read it ...

Is that original?

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF

Randy Asburry said...

Very well said, Anastasia! If you don't mind, I'd like to help spread it around by posting it on my blog.

David Garner said...

Anastasia, I'd like to join Pr. Asburry and post this on my blog as well, with your permission (and, of course, with attribution).

Anonymous said...

Huzzah and Huzzah! Most excellent. It always makes me happy to see folks posting poetry, particularly the good stuff. I'm so glad that I stopped by today. Thank you.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Thanks, everyone.

Yes, this doggerel is original, and yes, please feel free to post in on your blog or use it any other way you see fit.

GretchenJoanna said...

Very fun itself, but pointing to the deeper truth. Thank you!

Genevieve said...

This is wonderful! Thanks! Can I send this out in some emails, giving you the credit?

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Thank you, Genevieve. Certainly, you may. Do whatever you like with it.

Same goes for anyone else who may care to use it.