Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Unchanging yet Creative God

Ask yourself: how is God able to do anything new, such as create the universe? No, I mean really! It isn’t as irrelevant as it sounds. To the contrary, whole spiritualities and cultures actually depend upon the answer to that initially stupid-sounding but most fundamental question. This is because our answer determines how we relate to God; indeed, how it is possible to relate to Him.

It’s a thorny question because, after all, God’s Being (a.k.a. His “Essence”) is eternal. Eternal means timeless. God’s Being/Essence is neither time-bound nor time-conditioned.

Time is the measure of duration. Time measures how long before change occurs. If no change of any kind ever happens, you have nothing to measure, no time. You have eternity instead.

Now God’s Being, or Essence, is what He alone "possesses" (or is) such that if He didn’t, He would not be God. More precisely, He wouldn’t be, period. That means that whatever it is, God must always have had  or been it, from all eternity, else He wasn’t God from all eternity. (Goodness! Two tautologies yet, in one short paragraph!)

So if God’s Essence or Being is eternal, meaning changeless, and no novelty may be introduced into it, how does He create anything? For that matter, how does He do anything at all, unless it is something He has always done, changelessly?  How does He ever stop doing anything?

There are only three basic answers to this quandary that have ever been taken seriously in this world, each giving rise to its own distinct spirituality and culture.

In succeeding posts, I propose to have a brief look at each of the three answers.



JTKlopcic said...

My brain hurts already, but in a good way. Looking forward to the next post in the series!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Actually, it's exactly for you and Mairs I'm writing this, since one of you said somewhere that the issue of Essence/Energy was bothering you or was unclear to you or something.


JTKlopcic said...

What a lovely Chrismation gift! Two more days.... :^)

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

You are in my prayers as you appraoch the blessed event! I hope you will post pictures of it.