Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

...and may your Valentine not forget it.

Is St. Valentine an Orthodox saint, I wondered? Turns out he is, sort of. We celebrate more than one St. Valentine, on more than one date. Most Orthodox (like me) never heard of him.

I brought this up yesterday while telling my husband I'd just as soon forget Valentine's Day. "Getting a teddy bear means nothing to me," I said, "and I don't need any sappy card to know you love me deeply. You already bring me chocolate all the time anyway, and why pay double for some in a heart-shaped box? As for nighties, I'd prefer to choose -- "

"Flowers are nice, though," he said.

"Flowers are nice, yes."

"Two lovers like us really should celebrate the day somehow. I'll tell you what. Let's go out for dinner."

"No way to get any reservations now."

"No, we'll go Sunday night."

Now that suits me very well! I know the company will be good, and I know there will be google-eyes over the table, and that look, when he looks deep into my eyes and smiles at me, is my sunshine, my joy.

(I took this more than 20 years ago, when his hair was not yet white...)


DebD said...

We celebrated last night. Rarely do we actually celebrate it on the day.

Demetrios looks rather dashing in that photo.

Michelle M. said...

You sound like me and my husband :) We ended up staying home and watching a movie. :)