Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Little Items of Syntax ..

...we may as well clear up once and for all...

1.) The difference between "loan" and "lend" is really very simple. "Loan" is a noun.

This bank issued bad loans.
I have paid off the loan.
Do you need a mortgage loan? (Good luck!)

"Lend" is a verb.

Please lend me a fiver.
Lend to others, expecting nothing in return. Unless you are a bank.
I have lent him my car during his visit.

"Loan" is never a verb. Do not say, "She loaned me her hat." She lent you her hat.

2.) The difference between "inauguration" and "inaugural" is again that they are different parts of speech. "Inauguration" is a noun, while "inaugural" is an adjective.

Do not say, "I attended President Obama's inaugural" or, "Order your plate today, commemorating the historic inaugural!" You attended his inauguration; the plate commemorates the inauguration.

At the inauguration, you heard the president's inaugural speech. Then afterward, you went to an inaugural ball.

Hint: if it's the last word of a sentence or clause, the word you want is "inauguration."


Mimi said...

Thank you! Standing ovation!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Your sentiments duly noted, Lucian, and deleted.